Press Release

20/06/2018 Statement by UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi on World Refugee Day 2018

18/04/2018 Joint Press Release – States, UN, partners in new joint push to help people  displaced in their own countries

23/03/2018 UNHCR and partners seek US$504 million for Congolese refugees

21/03/2018 UNHCR Ambassador Cate Blanchett warns of “a race against time” to protect Rohingya refugees from upcoming monsoon rains

27/09/2017 UNHCR Statement Concerning Incident at Refugee Centre

13/09/2016 Joint Press Release by Ministry of Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs and the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

15/09/2015 UNHCR names Afghan refugee teacher Aqeela Asifi its 2015 Nansen Refugee Award winner

30/07/2015 UNHCR Sri Lanka Press Release on Presentation of Credentials

20/06/2015 UNHCR Sri Lanka Press Release for World Refugee Day 2015

08/06/2015 UNHCR Sri Lanka Press Release-2015 World Refugee Day Campaign Launch

13/05/2015 UNHCR Sri Lanka Press Release – Ministry of Resettlement, Reconstruction and Hindu Affairs and UNHCR welcome Sri Lankan refugee returnees from India

04/02/2015 UNHCR Geneva Press Release – Legal Position Despite court ruling on Sri Lankans detained at sea Australia bound by international obligations

30/01/2015 UNHCR Sri Lanka Press Release-Rebuilding the Lives of Fishermen of Killinochchi and Mullaittivu

20/06/2014 UNHCR Sri Lanka Press Release for World Refugee Day 2014 (UNHCRSL WRD 2014 pressrelease)

23/01/2014 – Ambassador of Italy and UNHCR Representative Attend Opening Ceremony at the PTK Central College

02/01/2014 – Sri Lankan Refugee Return Falls in 2013

19/06/2012 – UNHCR marks World Refugee Day 2012

12/10/2011 – UNHCR helps first Sri Lankan refugees return by ferry from India

26/09/2011 – UNHCR Urges Sri Lankan Refugee Awareness of New Land Regulations